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      Home of the Gators

      Upcoming Events/Dates:

      Student Fees, Fines and Charges

      STPPS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

      School Safety Information

      STPSB 2020-21 Pupil Progression Plan

      STPSB Transportation Link

      St. Tammany Fast Facts

      2020-21 Supply Lists

      Student Registration Information

      2021-2022 Registration Flyer

      Check out the Green & Gold Fact Sheet for Creekside Junior High!




      Easter/Spring Break
      Friday, April 2nd - Tuesday, April 6th

      Classes resume on Wednesday, April 3rd.



      Order Your Yearbook Soon

      A limited number of extra yearbooks will be available to purchase once the yearbooks come in at the end of the school year. To ensure your student gets one, please order by the end of March. Yearbooks can be purchased online or with cash/check (order envelopes are in the office).

      Attention Parents and Students:

      Please remember students are expected to participate in distance learning (see information related to requirements with school closure for additional information of emergency distance learning expectations) during isolation and/or quarantine in order for learning to continue. Should there be a need for a teacher, student, class, or school to quarantine or isolate due to COVID-19, continuity of education will be provided through distance learning pending the return to class/campus. Assignments are found in Google Classroom for students to access daily. Parents may find lesson plans and contact information for teachers in JCAMPUS.


      Read the Parent/Caregiver letter regarding COVID-19 symptoms.




      Homework Assistance Links

      State Library of Louisiana

      St. Tammany Parish Library

      Click Here for “High-Demand/High-Wage Jobs” Information


      We now have WorldBook Online for our students.
      See Mrs. Reidenauer in the library for the user name and password to access it from home.


      How can I report child abuse or neglect? Click here or call 1-855-4LA-KIDS (1-855-452-5437) toll-free, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All calls are confidential.




      * Note* The highest possible grade for make-up work completed during a suspension is a 67%

      In times of emergency, check the School System Website for up-to-date information. Click on the link at the left on this page to go to

      Home | gamepcเก่าๆ

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